Episode 418

Jenn Lim on Growing Beyond Happiness Both Personally and Professionally


January 24th, 2022

34 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Jenn Lim has dedicated her career to helping organizations from name-brand industry leaders to innovative governments build workplace cultures that benefit both their employees and their bottom line, with less employee turnover, greater engagement, and higher profits. Her culture consultancy, Delivering Happiness, demonstrates the profound impact happiness can have on businesses' ability to thrive in our ever-changing times.

In her new book Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact https://amzn.to/3qkuFvS Jenn draws on her decades of experience in culture and strategy as a consultant for Zappos and CEO of DH and translates it into a practical “how to” framework for more sustainable workplaces and modern organization design. Jenn guides all of us – no matter our title or role – how to live more meaningful lives through the work we do every day.

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