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Overwhelmed by all the hats you wear in life? Listen in as Erik Fisher talks with productivity experts as they share how they implement practical productivity strategies in their personal and professional lives. We explore all aspects of productivity and the true end goal of productivity: living a meaningful life.

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  • Lise Vesterlund on Balancing the Equality of Non-Promotional Workloads

    May 4th, 2022  |  40 mins 18 secs

    This week I had the privilege of speaking with Lise Vesterlund about a new book she helped co-author, The No Club: Putting a Stop to Women's Dead-End Work. In this conversation, Lise helps listeners better understand the enormous disparities when it comes to "non-promotable" work tasks that are disproportionally assigned to women in the workplace.

    We talk about the root causes of this practice while addressing some of the systematic, cultural, and historical business practices that need to be reformed in order to create workplaces with greater equity and shared non-promotable tasks. In addition Lise shares some of the insights she has gleaned after forming a "No Club" with her fellow female faculty at The University of Pittsburg that aims to create a space for women to both share their experiences and promote accountability in saying no to dead-end work.

  • Ian Sanders on The Journey Towards Better Days

    April 25th, 2022  |  36 mins 4 secs

    This week I was excited to welcome Ian Sanders to the show. Ian is the author of the new book, 365 Ways to Have a Good Day: A Day-By-Day Guide to Enjoying a More Successful, Fulfilling Life. In this conversation, we explore just a fraction of the year's worth of techniques and tips that Ian has compiled covering everything from mindfulness to gratitude, all in the pursuit of improving our day-to-day lives. Ian reflects on his own personal journey while reminding us all that on this "road trip" called life, it's so vital to take the time to both refuel and reflect daily.

  • Eric Pliner on Navigating Difficult Decisions

    April 18th, 2022  |  34 mins 52 secs

    This week I had the opportunity to speak with Eric Pliner about his new book, Difficult Decisions:
    How Leaders Make the Right Call with Insight, Integrity, and Empathy. In this conversation, Eric lays out three steps for making decisions with speed, clarity, and humanity.

    We talk about decision making and why it's difficult, why it slows us down and how by equipping ourselves with "skilled subjectivity" we can not only improve our productivity and focus but prepare ourselves for difficult decisions we will inevitably face in the future.

  • Jon Acuff on Changing Overthinking Into a Superpower to Achieve Your Goals

    April 11th, 2022  |  51 mins 59 secs

    Jon Acuff talks about identifying overthinking and a simple plan to turn it from a super problem into a superpower.

  • Amanda E. White on Healthy Boundaries With Alcohol

    April 4th, 2022  |  37 mins 36 secs

    This week I was delighted to be joined by Amanda E. White. Amanda is a licensed therapist and the creator of the popular Instagram account @therapyforwomen. In this conversation, we discuss the vital issue of developing healthy boundaries and truthful self reflection when it comes to alcohol consumption and the tendency of many to use alcohol for self-medication. In the wake of the pandemic, millions of people have been forced to re-evaluate their alcohol intake and ask some difficult questions regarding both their dependency and relationship to drinking. Amanda helps us explore a vast spectrum of questions when it comes to drinking do's and don'ts while reminding listeners that if your drinking habits are no longer a joyful part of a balanced lifestyle, it may be time to ask some deeper questions about your overall wellness.

  • Harry Glorikian on the Breakthrough Benefits of Biotech

    March 28th, 2022  |  39 mins 34 secs

    This week I was excited to be joined by Harry Glorikian. Harry is a healthcare entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and company leader. For the past 25 years, he has been at the forefront of the fast-moving science and business of healthcare and biotech. In this episode, we discuss some of the amazing biotech breakthroughs over the past few years while sharing stories about how each of us has been using technology to improve both our health and productivity.

  • Eric Zimmer on Fostering Spiritual Habits Without Religious Baggage

    March 21st, 2022  |  43 mins 6 secs

    This week it was my pleasure to welcome back to the show Eric Zimmer. Eric is the host of The One You Feed Podcast. In this episode, we chat about the transformative power of spiritual practices. Our conversation explores the differences between spirituality and religion and some of the wisdom he has gleaned from a variety of different spiritual practices he has observed over the years.

  • Keith Ferazzi on Competing in the New World of Work

    March 14th, 2022  |  36 mins 20 secs

    This week I'm excited to share a conversation I had with Keith Ferrazzi. Keith is Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight and The Greenlight Research Institute and his new book is entitled Competing in the New World of Work: How Radical Adaptability Separates the Best from the Rest. In this talk, we cover everything from the challenges facing executives and employees returning to offices to the rewards that are in store for companies that are willing to adapt to the changing times. Keith and I also reframe the "Great Resignation" by exploring the movement for what it really is a great exploration of new opportunities.

  • Lara Heimann on Yoga and the Importance of Proper Movement

    March 7th, 2022  |  48 mins 50 secs

    This week I was excited to speak with fellow podcast host and yoga pioneer Lara Heimann. Laura and I had a fascinating discussion centered on the importance of consistent and effective movement in our everyday lives. If you’re anything like me maybe you have considered yoga as a means for improving your mobility and energy but just never got around to exploring the basics.

    In this conversation Laura answers all of my questions about how to get started, the array of physical and emotional benefits yoga offers, and how her physical therapy-based practice of "LYT" yoga differs from other more trendy or fashionable techniques.

  • Ryan Jenkins and Steven Van Cohen on Loneliness and Forging Meaningful Connections

    February 28th, 2022  |  48 mins 45 secs

    Ryan Jenkins and Steven Van Cohen share what’s causing today’s loneliness, the role inclusion plays in solving it, and how you can decrease loneliness and increase belonging, engagement, and performance with employees at every level.

  • Dr. Nate Zinsser on Finding a Mindset of Confidence

    February 21st, 2022  |  36 mins 40 secs

    Dr. Nate Zinsser on defining confidence and debunking some commonly held beliefs on what it means to have confidence in yourself despite that voice in your head that's always saying you're not good enough!

  • John Meese on Not Merely Surviving but Thriving

    February 14th, 2022  |  38 mins 43 secs

    This week it was my pleasure to welcome my friend John Meese back to the show. John and I had a great conversation centered around building the foundations to not simply survive in this period of change but to find the tools, resources, and courage to thrive in it.