Episode 31

Bryan Allain on the What, Why, and How of Building Tribes and Pursuing Your Dream


May 1st, 2013

57 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

new_sidepic21Bryan Allain is a blog coach, author, humor writer and mammal. He also created and organized the Killer Tribes conferences in Nashville in 2012 and Atlanta in 2013, where people learn to find their voice, share their passions, connect with others, and grow their brand.

He lives with his wife, Erica, and their two children in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

Covered and mentioned in this episode:

A tribe doesn’t necessarily involve a pedestal. - @BryanAllainClick To Tweet
The chief of the tribe is still part of the tribe. - @BryanAllainClick To Tweet
Tribes (and especially wives!) make you brave.Click To Tweet
Communities aren’t formed by formulas. - @BryanAllainClick To Tweet
Finding time often means hustling in the margins. - @BryanAllainClick To Tweet
Just because you have more time doesn’t mean you automatically end up more productive. - @BryanAllainClick To Tweet

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