Episode 23

Talent: Derek Webb talks about creative talent and artistry, business and technology


March 2nd, 2013

58 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Derek Webb started his music career over 20 years ago as a founding member of the Texas-based folk/rock band Caedmon’s Call. After 10 years, Derek left to pursue a solo career that quickly garnered him a reputation for being a provocative singer/songwriter, challenging the political and spiritual status quo. Derek is also a co-founder of Noisetrade.com.

Derek and I talk about:

  • The super hero origins of his passion and gift for music
  • The moment he knew he was good at it
  • His path to being in a band, and path to being a solo artist
  • How he and wife Sandra McCracken manage their lives as full time parents and full time solo artists
  • The catalyst experiment that lead to the creation of the Noisetrade business: Why it’s smart viral marketing/good will creating; How new and established bands are using it to work smart at building their fan base and tribes
  • Starting a conversation about technology addiction with his last two projects: Ctrl and SOLA-MI
  • Derek’s next album: ‘I was wrong, I’m sorry, I love you’

Grab Derek’s first album free on Noisetrade

Grab the free SOLA-MI album here.

Derek also just made the acoustic version of CTRL available for free on Noistrade as well. If you like it, make sure to grab the fully produced album too. It’s excellent.

If you grab SOLA-MI and CTRL and want to dig a bit for a deeper experience, go to Derek’s blog here. If you need help or want to talk about it deeper after that, tweet me. I’d love to have a dialogue about this project.

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