Episode 195

Eric Tivers on Focus, Capture and Attention


October 15th, 2017

49 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

Eric Tivers has the unique perspective of being both a clinician who specializes in ADHD and an adult who has it. Eric is the host and producer of the ADHD Rewired Podcast. As a psychotherapist and coach in private practice, Eric talks openly about his own ADHD and shares with listeners the strategies he’s learned to be successful as well as the areas that continue to be challenging.

In this episode, Erik talks with Eric about there symptoms of ADHD, what they look like in those who have it, how they can learn to grow and thrive with a diagnosis. They also talk about strategies that people without ADHD can use as well as those who have it to fight impulsivity, and inattentiveness to boost productivity.

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