Episode 9

Community: Anne-Sophie Reinhardt on avoiding comparisons and working past demotivation – BTTDL008


October 2nd, 2012

33 mins 56 secs

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6zaby90783azfx1fs051Anne-Sophie Reinhart‘s mission is to create insightful, motivating and relevant content that helps you reconnect with your true self and expose your potential, personally and professionally.

It is you who stands in your own way of creating the life that you truly want and, quite frankly, need in order to be happy, fulfilled and ridiculously healthy. By reawakening your self-worth, facing your fears, defining your core and getting rid of all excuses, you will find your way to your true purpose and give yourself/the world your biggest gift: your authentic, confident self.

Covered in this episode:

Anne’s Book: The Ultimate Guide To A Healthy Body Image

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