Time: @HughCulver on overcoming procrastination, dealing with interruptions and planning like a pilot – BTTDL067


HC picHugh Culver shows people how to work smarter and live better. As a teacher and mentor for other experts (speakers, seminar leaders, authors, and coaches) he helps entrepreneurs to serve more people, sell more products, and succeed more than they ever thought possible. As a professional speaker, he challenges people to drop their stories, plan better and take action everyday to lead an effective life.

Hugh was also a professional adventure guide, ironman and marathon competitor, and a university professor. Hugh now speaks, consults, and writes about creating real results and a rich life in the age of distraction.

Make sure to check out Hugh’s Time Freedom Formula, which we talk about in this episode.

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  • Harry Chamberlain

    Erik, your podcast is a favorite of mine anyway (it’s a great “morning radio” choice for me as I get ready for the day, to put on the right mindset), but this episode was amazing!

    Hugh’s “four B’s” were simple and stunning at the same time, like a mental bolt of lightning.

    In addition, his pilot metaphors are perfect. Having flown a little myself, I completely appreciate the comparison. As in life, a plane is never moving in a straight line towards a destination, as winds, currents, and obstacles are constantly changing, but yet the pilot has to keep the destination as the goal – as the point of focus. If a pilot were to obsess about staying on a certain pre-planned line, he’d go mad. Constant adjustments must be made, always with the destination in mind, in order to reach it. Perfect metaphor for planning, goals, and the unpredictable nature of life!

  • Judy T.

    Fantastic episode! I’m a regular listener and enjoy all the shows, but this one made me say YES out loud (probably looked silly as I was driving alone, but oh well.)

  • http://todowiz.biz/ Alvis Andersonq

    I must say, it was amazing. For me smart work is to manage your daily life with http://todowiz.biz

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  • http://mysimpleinspiration.com Christopher Jones

    This was a terrific podcast. I simply don’t have time to listen to a podcast more than once because I subscribe to so many (maybe too many), but this episode was so good I had to listen to it again. I may listen to it one more time. It is that worth it.

  • Tracey Kazimir-Cree

    LOVE this episode! I would really benefit from seeing an example of a flight plan vs. a to-do list. I get the concept, but a concrete example would be awesome, if you’re willing to share. Learned a lot and will re-listen, for sure. Thank you!

  • http://www.turningthepage.info/ Barry Pearman

    Thanks Eric for this excellent Podcast, keep up the great work

  • Merridy

    So many great tips. Loved the “plan like a pilot”.

    • Danami

      Yes. This was golden. I enjoyed the perspective

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