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Donald MillerDonald Miller is all about story. He is the author of several books, including multiple New York Times Best Sellers. Donald is also the founder of Storyline, an organization that helps people live better stories. He’s helped thousands overcome a sense of meaninglessness by helping them create their Storyline life plan. If you’re struggling with a sense of meaningless, pick up Storyline today. After studying story for years and successfully using the elements of story to engage customers, Don created StoryBrand, a process any business owner or marketing team can go through to create a communication script that will increase sales. Don is also the creator of the Storyline Productivity Schedule, a free daily schedule using modern psychology to increase a person’s productivity. Don believes getting your story straight changes everything.

Covered in this episode:

Some of Erik’s Favorite Storyline Blog Posts by Don:

Make sure to go grab the Storyline Productivity Schedule for FREE. The Schedule will help you:

  • Overcome procrastination
  • Radically increase productivity
  • Not feel overwhelmed
  • Manage your mental energy instead of your time
  • Enjoy a guilt-free work structure
  • Create a daily, healthy routine you can repeat for life
  • Finish the major projects you’ve been dreaming about

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  • Ben Dempsey

    Simply amazing. It was like he was taking right to me. My words for this year are also focus and finish. As someone who is trying to finish my book and finish some huge goals this year it spoke right to my core. Thanks for this interview.

    Great job Erik!

    • Erik Fisher

      Thanks Ben!

  • Jeff Brown

    Enjoyed it very much. Loved too the whole Groundhog Day/Film, do over discussion. The stars and planets have aligned. I thoroughly enjoyed A Million Miles in a Thousand Years as well. Had the opportunity to bring Donald to Nashville in 2009 on behalf of WAY-FM and even introduced him from stage. He’s one of my favorite authors for sure.

    • Erik Fisher

      Thanks Jeff! Groundhog Day is one of my favorite films, so it was exciting to me to release on that day, and have it come up in the conversation. TWICE!

  • Michael Hyatt

    I loved this episode, Erik. Great job!

    • Erik Fisher

      Thank you Michael! From you as someone who has talked with Don before on this subject, that means a lot.

  • Tammy Helfrich

    Great episode! Donald’s words have been extremely powerful for me over the last few years. I’m focusing on finishing as well this year, so I’m looking forward to checking out the productivity guide. Great show, Erik!

    • Erik Fisher

      Thanks Tammy. Like I said in the episode, this is the best episode for me personally because of those three words: Focus, Finish and STORY.

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  • Justin Carper

    The interview just kick started my week! I needed it! Focusing and finishing are something I have always struggled with. I love to start, but I have often found myself jumping from project to project without actually finishing. This was just the encouragement that I needed! Thanks for the great interview!

    • Erik Fisher

      Glad to kick start your week Justin! Closure on finished projects, whether they were good or not, is often a great way to gain forward momentum.

  • Lexie Lee, LPC-S

    Great show. As a counselor, I work with people to create a narrative of their life to help them move toward the change they want. I will read this book and may add to my list of book referrals. I downloaded the free gifts and look forward to trying the Productivity Scheduler.

    • Erik Fisher

      That’s awesome Lexie. Let me know how the schedule works for you.

  • Tom Vanderbilt

    Loved this interview with Donald Miller. I had never heard of his Storyline productivity system but I downloaded it yesterday, tried it, and I LOVE it! I’ve always been captivated by stories and this system helps me see the epic little things that can happen everyday. I never knew such a system existed until yesterday.

    Erik, I’m joining you in a your 30-day experiment of using Donald’s Storyline Productivity Schedule. I’m really excited to see how it goes. Thanks again!

    • Erik Fisher

      I’m glad to hear that Tom!

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  • Brett Parry

    G’day Erik. Thanks for a the great interview. Very timely as I was able to share it with the team I am consulting to at the moment. The relevance was outstanding, and you made me look like a rockstar for finding it! (although I am a regular listener) Very grateful. I have also downloaded the Donald’s productivity Schedule and will be a willing participant in the 30 day experiment. Blessings.

  • Dan Black

    Love the episode, Erik! I’m a huge fan of Donald Miller and plan on attending The Storyline conference (I live in San Diego). Keep interview great people!

  • Paul L’Acosta

    Congrats Erik, this indeed was one of the top (if not THE one) episodes I have ever listened to in a podcast. And you’re totally right: putting those 3 movies in one sentence really made me hit the 30s back-button on my player twice and made my head start spinning. Thank you for sharing this great interview!

  • Carl Axel Franzon

    Great episode. Liked the focus and finish part.

    I have downloaded the productivity schedule. I just created my own daily planner and may look at incorporating some of this stuff too. I am trying to schedule blocks of work and so this one doesn’t quite work for me but I really like the “Things I get To Enjoy Today” and “If I Could Do Over”. I just printed and had mine put in a binder for the year, so will have to do some experimentation and decide if I want to redo mine this year or wait until next year.

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  • Hugh Culver

    How could you not like this! Best take aways for me: (V Frankl) think about replaying your day – what would you do differently? And from Neil Fiore: list what fun stuff you will do after the heavy lifting. Thanks Erik!

  • Harry Chamberlain

    Slowly cherry-picking my way back through your podcasts, and this one was incredible. I’ve been a fan of Don Miller’s books for years now, and I was thrilled to hear about his Storyline program! I had an Amazon gift card that I got for Christmas and hadn’t decided what to get with it, and this podcast made the decision easy!

    Keep doing great interviews, Erik! So far I have been inspired by every one I’ve heard!

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