Self Education: Paul Jun on self mastery, motivation and understanding – #BTTDL068


Photo_on_8-19-11_at_3.53_PMPaul Jun is a writer and author at Motivated Mastery. He is all about connecting the dots between subjects like mastery, psychology, technology, philosophy, culture, self-awareness, and developing an understanding through self-education.

Unstimulated by traditional education, Paul was motivated to study subjects that were practical to his goals and growth. He became a voracious reader and learned to used the (growing) resources available to facilitate his education. He connects the dots to improve his understanding of the subjects that elude him, while focusing on creating the kind of content that is enriching and insightful. His new book Connect the Dots is all about how to do this.

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  • Judy T.

    Awesome podcast. Thanks for introducing me to Paul Jun and his contribution to self-education. I feel like we could be twins. :-)

    • Erik Fisher

      I’m glad you “met your twin”. :)

  • Evan Pham

    Everything Paul said in this podcast resonated with me. I’m definitely checking out his motivated mastery page. Thanks Erik!

    • Erik Fisher

      Awesome. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Hugh Culver

    This is really a fascinating, honest snapshot of what I think lots of youth want to do, but don’t.

  • Daniel Wagner

    Man I really appreciated this episode. It happened to be the first time I’ve heard Beyond the To-Do List. It was a story incredibly similar to my own.

  • Scott Rixon

    Great interview.. This guy has so much energy.. I’ve bought the book :)

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  • Sharon Long

    Really enjoyed the podcast but I would have enjoyed it so much more if the two of you didn’t use the word “like” so often. I don’t think you guys want to sound like valley girls. Awesome was a close second.

    • Erik Fisher

      Thank you for your awesome comment. I really like it. :)

      Thank you for listening!