Reflection: Erik Fisher on adjusting workflows and the future of Beyond the To-Do List – BTTDL071


_ER_7748sq copyErik Fisher is a Productivity Author, Broadcaster and Coach. He is also a bacon connoisseur, coffee student and comic book reader. This is the first time since the show started that Erik has gone solo on this podcast. Enjoy!

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  • Dexter

    I like the format.

    • Erik Fisher

      Thanks Dexter! Which one?

  • Dave Delaney

    I enjoyed your drive-home-cast. Keep it up man! I love the show.

    • Erik Fisher

      Thanks Dave! It was great to see you!

  • Rocco DeLeo

    Erik, awesome putting yourself out there with the drive home “car cast”. You are an inspiration and full of great stuff. I think we would all tune in to hear you singing in the shower…keep up the great content. The interview keeps the show fresh and dynamic, but a small look behind the curtain (maybe a bad analogy this close to a singing in the shower reference???) of BTTDL sounds like great add on value, especially for power listeners. Also, maybe interview the omnifocus people as a lead up to your November David Allen interview.

    • Erik Fisher

      That’s a great idea about the Omnifocus people!

  • Matt McWilliams

    Shooting you an email Erik.

    • Erik Fisher

      Thanks Matt!

  • Daniel J. Lewis

    I really enjoyed this! It was kind of “what I’ve been learning from my own guests.”

    I think it would be great to hear some more bonus episodes from you on further productivity thoughts on tools, techniques, books, etc.

    • Erik Fisher

      Thanks! I think doing a deep dive on one specific topic from my perspective would be beneficial.

  • Vickie

    Hi Erik, I really enjoyed this episode! I’m shooting you an email with some of my thoughts on the questions you asked but really loved the drive-cast! Would definitely love more like these just to mix it up a bit.

  • John Scullen

    You touched on the topic of introversion in this episode Erik. It would be great if you could get Susan Cain on the show to talk about her book Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking. It’s a fascinating book if you haven’t come across it yet.

  • klandwehr

    I listen to this as I was getting up this morning and I really enjoyed it as a change of pace. It would be perfect as a bonus episode.

  • Niek

    Hello Erik, I always listen to your podcast. But the last one i didn’t like (you asked for a honest answer…). Too many repetitions in it, no clear direction in what you gonna tell us. But, I hope you will make a lot new podcats with guests in the future! Greetings from Amsterdam

    • Erik Fisher

      Thank you for the honest response. Trust me, when I do more of the solo shows, there will be a LOT more organized presentation and clarity of thought.

  • Craig Wealand

    Loved this episode Erik. Would love to hear more of you solo. Yes, I’ve tried GTD but I need to re-read the book and get back on track. One thing I’m struggling with is narrowing down to one trusted system. I use a paper diary, Evernote and 2 or 3 other methods and apps including voice memos and emailing myself notes. Frankly, It’s a mess! Perhaps you, David Allen or someone in the community might have a suggestion.

  • Tracey Kazimir-Cree

    Loved this ep, Erik. I’m sort of new to your podcast and am really enjoying it…learning a lot. I’d love more bonus podcasts with your take on what you’re learning on your journey. I’m especially interested in how you juggle working from home with a family in the mix (since I’m new to the kiddo thing and am struggling a bit). I am echoing some of the other comments — Susan Cain would be a great interview. I also highly regard Todd Henry and would love to hear you talk to him about his processes. Lastly, could you talk with someone from Asana about their software? I’ve been using it and am really finding a good flow, but could always learn more. Keep up the great work!

  • Judy Shafarman

    Hi Erik, This is the episode that has gotten us to virtually meet. It was a pleasure being in the car—so long as you had to negotiate the traffic jam and drive. I found your podcast when it was “new and noteworthy” and have been with you ever since. I should dedicate my first 3 books to you created this year. I’m going to send you a private e-mail now. First some answers: no, I don’t think podcasters can ever charge money even $1 because of all the competition. I don’t mind sponsors but do prefer them at the end or at least in the middle and not up-front. Solo talks are fine once in a while but I also think you do great interviews and have had super guests. Look for me in your in-box.

  • Rachel Moore

    Glad you enjoyed Nashville! I think both interviews and one-off’s like this are awesome. Listening to your morning routine got me thinking about mine. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 5 years and although I’m a morning person, my personal struggle that I want to do everything in the morning and don’t have time for it all. I get up at 6 and have coffee, do a little reading, go to yoga or go for a job, but by the time I get back and get ready for the day it’s 10am and my mind is not as alert as it was at 7, and by 3 or so it’s hard for me to stay focused. And social media is a huge distraction for me. All this to say, thanks for the encouragement and a place to talk about all of this!

  • bethbeutler

    Sending you an email.

  • Hugh Culver

    I vote for add the short shows Erik – I think that’s a great addition and alternative when we are scanning our not-listened to lists.

  • Richard Tubb

    Erik – I’ve been a listener to your (fantastic!) Podcast for a while and while I’ve shown my gratitude on Twitter, your Drive Cast prompted me to reach out for the first time and offer feedback here as well as (finally!) leave a review on iTunes.

    Thanks for the heads-up on Patreon. It’s a service which intrigues me as I’ve had a number of my blog readers ask how they can say “thank you” and it seems like it might be a good choice to give them.

    Also thanks for the link to your previous David Allen interview, which I must have missed.

    In terms of your content, I get a lot out of the conversations you have with the people behind productivity tools. I thought your interview with Tony Stubblebine of was awesome. As one of your other commenters, Tracey, mentioned, it would be interesting to hear you talk with more tool creators to understand their motivations for creating those tools.

    Finally, more solo Podcasts with your own take on things would be welcome. I learn a lot every time you share your own experiences! Thanks for the great Podcast – I appreciate it!

  • Brad

    Hi Erik I listen to you on Stitcher and about 18 minutes the whole show stops—so I dont know what happened! Brad

  • Abby

    Hey Erik! You should consider interviewing Jessica Lawlor for an upcoming podcast. This young pro is working a full-time job while doing the freelance thing on the side and really making things happen for herself! You can follow her @jesslaw or check out her site at

  • Andy Mort

    I just caught up with this episode, Erik. Loved just having you chatting through all this stuff. In terms of the future, I’d be very interested to hear bonus episodes – would be really cool to hear your own thoughts on stuff separate to the interviews. You’re a leader too man!

  • bradblackman

    This was great! Keep it up!

  • Karen Michelle

    Hi! I found your podcast around the beginning of June and have been listening through in order (skipping just a few here and there). I finally got to this episode today and congratulated myself. This is a podcast I’ve really enjoyed and found a lot more helpful than many productivity resources. That said, my favorite episode so far was Paul Jun, probably because I recognized the way my mind worked in what he was saying.

    I am relatively new to GTD but I do use it and find the structure liberating. One thing that I think could be really interesting is if you did a series of episodes, interspersed with others, where you interviewed people who had really mastered a specific step in the GTD workflow (and/or the horizons). I admit that I would also really love fewer, well, white guys. 😉 A little more intersectionality and some non-normative family structures. As a single mom, it’s hard to see myself in some of the interviewee’s comments and lives. I think people like me NEED GTD practices, though!

    And I took you seriously about people I’d love to hear you talk to:

    • Susan Wise Bauer, homeschooling mom, holding of advanced degrees, and author of several books (including a well-respected homeschooling guide to classical education), but specifically about her book The Well-Educated Mind, about self-education for adults.
    • Robert McKee of the Story Seminar
    • Chuck Wendig of
    • Someone I heard on the College Checklist podcast (I enjoyed the episodes you did, btw!), Ashley Hill. She’s at @prepforcollege and

    Awesome podcast, and I can’t wait for new episodes!

  • Paul Wilson

    Hi Eric, enjoyed that episode (I was listening in the car) by the way the link above says coffivity it should be coffitivity… the IT is always an issue!!! seriously though, I would welcome the individual extra episodes as an addition to the interview ones. I would like to hear you sum up your own personal thoughts and reflections on the interview subjects once a little time has passed.. so for example you interview say… Jeff Goins, David Allen and Pat Flyn then have a “personal” episode just you and a microphone telling us where you are on the subjects raised in the previous three episodes (say 10 minutes on each one) and getting deeper into your interpretation and what lessons you are taking from them.. Here is a title for free.. “Reflections on….” hope that helps.

  • Brent Green

    Good episode Eric. At first…wasn’t excited about the ‘solo’ format. gave you the opportunity to speak even more openly and honestly from your heart. You asked for our input: I think you’ve got great content. I appreciate the interviews on productivity…love the personal stories. I’ve also tried out both Wrike and Boomerang on your recommendation and now use both daily. Appreciate the good content and your openness/honesty in every episode. Keep up the good work :)

  • topgold

    I like authentic voices and when you slipped into the Rambling Genre, you enhanced your authenticity in my ears.

  • Scott Senffner

    The loved the drives podcast. I would love the 15-25 minutes extra shows – one on one.

  • Marilyn

    Just wanted to comment on GTD. I tried implementing a GTD system. I have the personality type where I want to tackle all of a project RIGHT NOW! I got overwhelmed with all the steps and trying to make it a natural part of my life. I understand how the whole system works, I just had trouble implementing each step.

    This is my new favorite podcast. It gets me thinking in a positive and creative way. Thanks for all you do Erik.

    • Erik Fisher

      Thank you Marilyn for listening, and for your feedback!

  • Bojan Dordevic

    I enjoy your new style format. Think you could try doing it more often! :)

    I’ve had on and off relationship with GTD® for so long, that it made tremendous impact on the way I work on a level of a habit. Sometimes I steered away from it, sometimes I’ve steered closer to it. At the end of the day, I’ve took a different direction, and started using it with Centask.

    This is how I GTD® at the moment: