Photography: David Molnar (@DavidMolnar) on simplicity, focus and family – BTTDL074


david_8-24-12-SQDavid Molnar is a husband, new daddy (again!), and music and advertising photographer. His work has been seen on Pepsi cans, in People Magazine, & in The New York Times. In addition to the entertainment industry, he is also focusing on advertising campaigns for companies like Cracker Barrel, Infiniti, March of Dimes, Dolby, Compassion and Centura Health.

The best camera in the world is the one that’s always in your pocket. David’s new book and course shows you his whole process for how to use that camera to capture the most important memories and moments in your life. David simplifies the photography secrets he’s learned in his professional career so that any iPhone user can finally take amazing photos, every single time.

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  • Dan Miller

    Erik – hey I really enjoyed this entertaining interview with David. Yes, he’s part of the intellectual vortex found only here in Nashville, TN.

    • David Molnar

      Haha. Thanks @disqus_jUfj1DHMwB:disqus! Don’t you think it’s time for Erik to move on down here with us?

    • Erik Fisher

      So glad you enjoyed it @disqus_jUfj1DHMwB:disqus!

    • Dave Delaney

      I want a piece of this vortex. How do I join, Dan?
      Actually… we really do need to grab a cup of coffee.

  • lucrecer

    Erik, very entertaining interview with David. He is hands down of my favorite people. Glad to hear a photographer being interviewed on your show!

    • David Molnar

      AWe shucks! Thanks Lu! You’re amazing.

    • Erik Fisher

      He’s one of my favorites too! :)

  • Carl Axel Franzon

    Great interview.

    PS You mentioned a tutorial on B&W photography and putting the link in show notes – didn’t see it. I would be interested in checking it out. Thanks.

  • Hugh Culver

    What fun. I was walking my dog listening to you two ramble on and loving it. Great example of someone (David) who discovered his craft and went for it and someone (Erik) who knows how to get the most juice from an interview. Well done gents.

    • Erik Fisher

      Thank you for the kind words Hugh!

      • David Molnar

        Haha. Great commentary Hugh! I’m glad you appreciated my ramble. I worried it was too much :) Erik was SUPER easy to talk to in the interview.

  • Barry Pearman

    Thanks Eric for the great show and the interesting interviews you do. I am an Android User. Would this book help me?

    • Erik Fisher

      Totally. It’s less about the hardware, and more about the software, or what techniques to use with whatever you prefer.

    • Dave Delaney

      Snapseed is an amazing app to use too. It’s available on Android and iOS.

      • Barry Pearman

        Wow, yes it is great. Thanks

  • Dave Delaney

    I loved this. Great stuff as always, Erik.

    I decided to experiment with my own iPhone photography a couple of winters ago. I created a book of my Nashville photos (all shot on my iPhone) using Blurb. I was amazed to see so many copies sold. You can find it at:

    I absolutely love Instagram for it’s community. I use Statigram (now Iconosquare) to see which of my photos are most popular. It’s always interesting to see these stats.

    @davidmolnar:disqus’s book looks awesome. I’m going to need to pick it up to improve my photos. I’m always looking for ways to get better. Thanks!

    • David Molnar

      Very cool Dave!

  • Wesley Wiley

    Great episode Erik & David! It was fun hearing the story behind the story as I knew David’s wife at the non-profit mentioned in the episode. I’ve never met David in person, but love his work and even more-so his enthusiasm for life! There’s definitely something going on in Franklin/Nashville…but do you have palm trees? Exactly….move to ORLANDO! :)

    • David Molnar

      Thanks Wes!