Marriage: Tony Dilorenzo on intentionality and intimacy in relationships – BTTDL063


6ca0ea84f1a73a67d96c4c37a4b4355fTony DiLorenzo and his wife Alisa created ONE Extraordinary Marriage to educate, entertain, encourage, and inspire people to have mind-blowing intimacy in their marriages. Tony & Alisa are experienced marriage coaches, podcasters, and speakers. They specialize in helping time-crunched couples take action and enjoy the sex, love, and commitment they desire in their marriage.

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Being fit and healthy and the associated intimacy it brings to their relationship have helped Tony and Alisa through good times and bad. Their hiking escapades early in their marriage led them to the three highest peaks in Southern California, backpacking treks in Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Death Valley, as well as fun-filled dates along the beach or resorts closer to home.

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  • Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.

    Hey Erik, you and Tony knocked this episode out of the park. Great job! I just published my new eBook last week, The Family Leader Manifesto, and you right around the 10:30-11:30 mark you guys were talking about whole-life leadership or being complete not just doing well at work, but at home too…I was thinking “that is exactly what I’m talking about in the eBook…somebody understands!!” :) Good stuff!

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  • Michael Williams

    LOOOOOVE TONY & ALISA! ONE Extraordinary Marriage is such a huge blessing and now they’re on my other favorite podcast! YOU ARE MAN, ERIK FISHER! Keep up the mind-blowing work!