Justin Lukasavige shares productivity secrets for entrepreneurs – BTTDL003



Justin Lukasavige joins us this week to talk about his transition from being an airline pilot, to financial coach, business coach, and podcaster.

Justin Lukasavige coaches people to do business better by using the power of their personal stories. Justin graduated from college with a degree in aviation and immediately became a commercial pilot. Knowing it wasn’t the story he wanted to live, he began coaching people to get out of debt. He grew his business so quickly (with the help of coaches and mentors) that other business owners took notice and asked for advice on doing the same. Justin travels the country as a speaker and trainer and hosts four online radio shows each week from his Coach Radio studio.

Covered in this episode:

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  • http://www.communicationdiva.com JennSwanson

    Hey Erik! Thanks for the tweet. I tried to reply, but can’t reply if you aren’t following me, apparently. Great episode…lots of good information and yes, I should have been taking notes! I love the whiteboard in the shower idea…except that there are times I need to not be “at work”, so the shower is going to remain sacred space, I think. I am really failing on the “inbox-zero” thing. Been traveling a lot too, and not getting to all of it.
    You are doing a great job with interviewing. You ask solid questions and know your interviewee well which helps us to know them a little better in the end. Keep it up, Erik! See you in Vegas in January?

    • http://twitter.com/ErikJFisher ErikJFisher

       @JennSwanson Thanks for checking out the show! If you liked it, would you consider leaving an iTunes review?
      Not sure what happened with the Twitter follow, but I have fixed it! 
      Yes, you will see me in January @ #NMX!

  • http://www.christopherbattles.net/ Christopher Battles

    Keeping these show real and informative.  I like how Justin gets out of the house to go to his office. That is good.  I have the Four Hour Workweek in my to read list. Excellent out of the normal idea. 
    Thank you Erik and Justin.
    K, bye

  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    I really enjoyed all of the episodes but this one really hit home for me. I like what Justin has to say about starting his business and how organized he seems to be.