WORK: Jay Baer shares how productivity is more perspiration than inspiration – BTTDL013


Jay Baer is a hype-free, social media and content strategist, speaker, and author. He founded Convince & Convert in 2008. This is the fifth marketing services firm he’s started or managed. He’s co-author of The NOW Revolution, 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social, a leading book on social business. An active angel investor, he’s also involved in an advisory capacity with several social media and content marketing start-up companies.

Covered in this episode:

The atomic half life of content is longer than any other form of marketing. - @JayBaerClick To Tweet
You can't micromanage everything. It sucks your attention away from the big picture. - @JayBaerClick To Tweet
You need to do only the things that you are uniquely qualified to do. - @JayBaerClick To Tweet
If you’re doing things other people on your team can do, you’re robbing them of opportunity. - @JayBaerClick To Tweet

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  • Christopher Battles

    It is fun to see people having differing views on things such as when to check emails and such. It shows that one way does not work for all, but we must figure how we want to balance our lives.
    Thank you Erik and Jay.

    K, bye