Delegation: Chris Ducker talks staffing and delegating for tasks, roles and team building – BTTDL062


fe928edcd86084a62526cb18a1f40ceeIn 2009, Chris Ducker was working 14-hour days, six days a week, spending very little time with family and working ‘in’ his business, instead of ‘on’ it and was tired in every possible way. He’s come a long way since then, creating the new business Virtual Staff Finder, the New Business Podcast, and his new book – Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business. He’s also released a podcast series that corresponds to the new book.

In this episode, Chris and Erik cover:

  • The false believe that you can fill every role in a growing business
  • Super hero syndrome
  • Chris’ definition of the word Entrepreneur = To provide answers to questions and solutions to problems
  • Being a 16 hour a day, 7 day a week entrepreneur doesn’t make you a more successful entrepreneur.

Chris’s 3 lists:

  • The things you hate doing
  • The things you can’t do
  • The things you shouldn’t be doing
You need to do only the things that you are uniquely qualified to do.—@jaybaerClick To Tweet
If you’re doing things other people on your team can do, you’re robbing them of opportunity.—Jay BaerClick To Tweet

Chris’s rule for email – Never open an email more than once by: 

  • reply or forward it
  • archive it
  • delete it

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  • Brent Green

    Very nice episode on using time wisely. I appreciate your acknowledgement that we don’t have unlimited resources (time, energy, etc)….and that you have very practical ways of helping to maximize the resources that you have. I also have a Virtual Assistant and really appreciate her good work and the time that she saves for our family :)

    • Chris C. Ducker

      Thanks, Brent. Glad to hear you’re doing well with your VA, too!

  • Daniel J. Lewis

    This was great! I’ve dubbed 2014 the “year of delegation” for me. I’m finding those things that I take my time that I don’t need to do, and finding others who will enjoy it more.

  • RickCoplin

    Erik & Chris,

    I listened to the podcast on the way home this evening (and also heard you on John Lee Dumas’ podcast) and just ordered the book. I love your 45 minutes formatting blog example (I am least that) and the three lists. I have a feeling list #3 will be quite long as I work on it over the weekend.

    Thanks for your insights!


  • russbonchu

    This is a great episode. As a VA myself I wholeheartedly agree with Chris on what we VA’s can do for anyone that could use more time or help doing things they don’t like to do or don’t do well. However I will point out that sometimes I do right blog posts for clients. If you can learn someone’s voice you can create compelling content for them.

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