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Dana ByersDana Byers is the President of, which she co-founded with her husband in Europe in 2007. As the community Pastor for Church Online, Dana seeks to help others form community around online ministry following her years of experience expanding Church Online’s global outreach.  She’s focused on identifying and training leaders outside the United States to launch new experiences for a few years now.

She’s the author of “The Art of Online Ministry” and aided the development of online churches in dozens of non-English speaking countries.  Her mission is empowering people to use online churches as a means of planting local gatherings.

Covered in this episode:

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  • danalbyers

    @erikjfisher Thank you for the opportunity. It was super fun! I’m honored because I love your podcast.

  • Kacey

    This podcast was so timely. I’ve been noticing for a few weeks now all the “stuff” we’ve accumulated in our home that never get used–toys, books, clothes, DVDs, gift bags, decorations, etc. Sometimes it’s even a little embarrassing considering the number of people that don’t even have basic necessities. After listening to Dana’s journey, I know have a very strong urge to go empty every single room and closet and return only those things I know we’re going to use and/or value most. 

    • Dana Byers

      That’s great, @Kacey! There are some posts on my blog that can help you, and feel free to ask me anything @danalbyers on Twitter. You can do it! 😀

  • Christopher Battles

    The tag line should be “you will listen at least twice.”  This has been listened to twice now and will it a third later.  (In the repeat category with Entreleadership and In The Loop and Zig Ziglar and about half the No More Mondays).There were many quotable moments from this episode.  I like the whole minimalist concept and I have thought of it often as I am part rat of the rack family.  Other things can pulled out, but the show speaks for it self.  “Finding the things that matter most in your life, and investing in them,” reminds me of Wisdom Meets Passion.Thank thee Erik and Dana.K, bye

    • Dana Byers

      Thanks for the encouragement, Christopher Battles. I’m truly touched that my chat with Erik inspires you!

  • RGbrizi

    Enjoyed this podcast, in particular the “obligation vs commitment” view.

    Having just simplified my life in a similar way by moving from central London to the US, it brings home the fact that your approach to life is always a choice. I took a journey in the opposite direction but achieved the same thing: it is a place in your head rather than where you live.

  • Bethany

    You are on a roll, Erik! I loved hearing Jeff last week, and Dana just blew me away!

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