Goals: Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom on Stewardship, Goals, and Discipline – BTTDL029


53acf30f1051b693a3a6c86444418e1b (1)Crystal Paine created MoneySavingMom.com in order to showcase ebooks, workbooks, seminars, and other materials challenge people to live beyond the status quo. The site is a huge resource for anyone who wants to thrive in life, business, and home, and time management.

Covered in this episode:

You can’t overhaul your life overnight. Pick one change to focus on for 3-6 weeks. - @MoneySavingMomClick To Tweet
Discipline begets discipline. - @MoneySavingMomClick To Tweet
Any success I’ve had in my life is the result of standing on a huge pile of failure. - @MoneySavingMomClick To Tweet

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