Commitment to Success: Rick Calvert on investing in yourself – BTTDL052


Rick-CalvertRick Calvert is the CEO and Co-founder of New Media Expo. He has been involved in the trade show industry since 1996 serving as sales manager and director of sales for three of Tradeshow Week’s top 200 events.  Rick’s interest in new media first began in during the explosion of the political blogosphere around the 2000 election season. He was finally inspired to launch his own blog in October of 2005. After experiencing unexpected success with his political blog he began searching for the blogging tradeshow. When he realized no such event existed, he and Dave Cynkin launched BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas in November of 2007 and attracted 1,600 attendees.

Make a commitement to your own success and join your host, Erik Fisher at this upcoming New Media Expo. Grab your tickets NOW!

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  • Jen

    I like your show and have been listening for a couple of months but this one was not as advertised. There were 2 sentances about “investing in yourself” and the rest of it was one long ad for the conference. You should have called it “Why you ought to go to the NME”.

    • Erik Fisher

      The premise behind the discussion is to use NMX as an example of how this conference, like attending any conference, can really jump start your productivity. I hope that anyone can attend their industry’s conference and get a productivity boost like I did from this one and others.

  • Wesley Wiley

    Thanks for the great content Erik! I’m missing this year’s expo, but I’m making plans to be there next year!

    • Erik Fisher

      Make plans to save up to attend next year!