Failure: Alli Worthington shares how failure often primes the pump for success – BTTDL018


Alli Worthington is one of the most recognized names in social media and the Lifestyle-blogger community.

She is the founder and 7d3a3a8bfd3ba15d07a1257a53a5d850publisher of Blissfully Domestic women’s magazine, one of the most trusted women’s destinations online. Blissfully Domestic magazine proudly promotes original content from talented women from around the world.

She is the Co-Founder of the wildly successful BlissDom Conference. The BlissDom Conference has sold out all four years. Blissdom was developed to help women connect, learn and develop their blogs and their businesses. BlissDom strives to give the right brands the ability to connect with these influencers in a welcoming environment to build relationships and communication between both sides.

Covered in this episode:

Failing often can prime the pump for future successes

Internet Alli vs. Regular Alli

The Internet is your Iron Man Suit

iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide 

Picha online training tutorials

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  • RP

    Erik, thanks for introducing Allison and her blog.

  • Christopher Battles

    The Iron Man suit, that is why we are addicted to our smart phones.
    It does allow us to speak boldly easier. It also allows us to become informed on topics so as to speak outside of the internet.
    Thank you Alli and Erik.

    K, bye

  • Melissa Shanhun

    A great episode Eric – Alli seems to have a awesome number of creative ideas! (picha link is broken though)

  • Melitsa Avila

    Great episode. Love Alli and how she is such and encourager. It’s always good to hear male and female perspectives on productivity online. Thanks for sharing.

    • Erik Fisher

      You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.